Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hi and lo there!, commandos and commandettes!
I was doing some blogging and I blog-read on Tedd's blog that his migraines have continued to plague him for a number of days. I think that sucks!
Here's what we do. Everybody knows that the best way to get rid of someone's migraines is to either make him or her hold his or her breath for an arguable and otherwise unattributable amount of time... Or to scare the shit out of him. Or her. Or some combination--or 'cocktail'--of therapies. I suggest choice) SCARE, because multiple courses of therapy might be administered by a stable population of willing agitators, such that the burden of care never weighs too heavily on a given caregiver.
So the next time you see Tedd... Why don't you spook out those migraines for'im?! Why not make it a "Halloween in January," mmm? Yeah!


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