Monday, May 12, 2008

BUSFEST: Music+Love for Mother Earth

Why hellOOO there, info-beasts, literate members of the bourgeoisie, and all the rest of the clamoring classes smashing their glasses between last week's presses with the aid of yesterday's modern fiber-optics!...
Name here's Mike Miller, and have I got a story for you:...--

I'd like to extend my whole-est of heartfelt thanks and congratulations to and all the NasBus bus people who just threw one of the greatest Ranch events ever witnessed by this surly old rancher. Busfest '08! Let's see if we can't have ourselves a quick rundown of appropriate facts and figures, yes?:

1) 1 (one) bio-diesel converted school bus that runs on vegetable oil
4) 1 (one) mission: reinvigorate the American Spirit of Ingenuity by taking the concepts of renewable resources and sustainable design to the road, and to the people (to US!)
2) 1 (one) traffic ticket necessitating a fund raiser
3) 1 stage, built from scratch for the first time on Ranch land
8) 9 (eight) musical acts, ranging from piano jazz and funk to rap and rock and roll
5) (triumph of will)²
6) (artwork on display for consumption)³
7) 1 beautiful weather
9) 1 fill-in-the-blank

Were you there? Did you miss it? How was your hair?

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Lindsay! said...

Hey Mike!

It's Lindsay from Karabal Nightlife. I don't know how else to get in touch w/ you at the moment - but I wanted to talk to you about that August show we talked about at the BusFest. Please get in touch wit me at when next you can! =]