Friday, November 13, 2009

Did I Invent Cloud Computing? Or, Did I Spew Insight OmniChronologically?

Is it possible that I manifested cloud computing two years ago while I worked at an internet company?

Probably not, but I surely described it to my coworkers at the time, on a fundamental level. Truth be told, the concept was probably already in play on a larger scale. Functionally speaking, I should have googled "cloud computing" and started buying up stocks left and right.

But these types of questions usually bring me to one conclusion: the metaphor--the building block of all thought and communication--the metaphor is a thing that extends both forward and backward in time. It is my belief that life tends to make more sense with this principle in mind. I also believe that time does not exist--any more than a sheet of graph paper exists next to what it's describing. It's just a tool. A cognitive middleman. But hell, whatever.

Point is, and it is an abstract point, admittedly, but the point is--We talk about the past as much as the past talks about the future... And... Vice-versa. And our true ability for insight knows no timescale, nor time direction. Depending on which metric you follow, or which graph you are tracing or erasing with your sweaty 8th-grade fingers, that's your reference point. Simply a tool. Cause and effect, I imagine, is a very deep reflecting pool indeed!

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