Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Political Climate

I think this is a picture of Democrats and Republicans. The puppy is the Democrats. The fat kitty is the Republicans. Some people say our political parties are fighting like cats and dogs. I think they are just playing. Look at the kitty trying to hug the puppy. Look at the puppy acting stiff, like he doesn't acknowledge the fatty's kitty hug. But the puppy loves the kitty. And the fat kitty loves the puppy.
And look at that puppy's tail, mid wag. Or mid puppy, depending on your conspiratorial sensibilities. Look at that puppy's wag, mid tail. Or look at that tail's puppy, mid wag. Or tail's wag mid puppy.
Any way you look at it, there is happiness to be found in this picture. A lesson to us all.

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