Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Morning Constitutional

Two houses of government: the kabuki house and the reality house.

The kabuki house is for posers and preachers and afternoon sleepers. It caters to a population that values formality, austerity, and ideology.

The reality house is like a super-sized Big Brother house. There are contests, points, and immunity. Alliances form and fracture. Lobbyists compete for access to the PA system. The American Audience votes via text or online as to how much food and of what quality will be supplied to the reality house.

One half of all representatives shall be representative of a respective sample of their own American demographics. Such demographics shall be selected and distributed among these fifty-percent of representatives so as to represent an accurate representative distribution, determined via national poll.

The other half shall be charged with nominating acceptable candidates for the above-mentioned fifty-percent. These nominations shall proceed the first Monday of every fiscal quarter, with a vote on the second Tuesday of the same period.

The determination of which half of representatives shall be representative, and which half shall be charged with nominating these representatives, shall be the sole discretion of a representative sample of corporations and unions, which shall exist in a proportion of sixty-percent corporations, forty-percent unions. One-half the members of this determining body shall be selected via a national opinion poll of children under the age of nine. The other half shall be selected via a computer program, which shall be agreed upon by a majority vote of a representative sample of corporations and unions, whose membership shall exist in the proportion of forty-percent corporations, sixty-percent unions.

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