Thursday, March 11, 2010

History of Rights, pt. 74

S.T.O.P. - Stop This Outrageous Purge - was against C.R.O.S.S. - Committee to Retain Our Segregated Schools.  In 1958-59, Little Rock, Arkansas experienced the "Lost Year": a closure of all public schools to forestall integration.  200 teachers and administrators worked in and among empty classrooms.  Eerie.
Moderates and segregationists split the school board three/three.  At a meeting to renew teacher contracts, moderates walked out in protest.  The remaining segregationists moved to fire forty-four teachers who supported integration.

What followed was a twenty-day campaign for the hearts and minds of Little Rock, Arkansas.

In the end, integration prevailed.  The segregationist school board members were recalled.  Schools opened early the next term.
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Chris said...

With regards to S.T.O.P. what outrageous "purge" are they referring to?

Also, the new band should be called "Radiolaria" or "the Radiolarians."

verification word: endex

Mike H. Miller said...

The purge refers to the firing of the 44 teachers by the segregationist school board members after the walkout of the integrationists.
Tedd mentioned Radiolarians. How close in concept are radiolarians to midichlorians?
I think I've been asked "endex" before. Does that point to a flaw in the system?