Saturday, August 28, 2010

Word Out! to: Teresa Bernard

Looking at some paintings by Teresa Bernard:

"Bunratty, Ireland" by Teresa Bernard

Runs a site called Bluemoon Original Oil Paintings.  Plenty of interesting subject matter.  She also does portraits, like this one, which was commissioned by an Illinois man for his wife as a surprise Mother's Day gift.  Here ya go, sweetie!

The oil painting does capture something intangible in the old lab's bearing.  Something about the face.  That mouth.  This is a "gallery quality" oil painting that may survive for centuries, to be gazed upon by countless generations of abstracted Illinoisans.  In the future, will their eye implants hyperlink to the original digital image when they encounter this hand-painted canvas in person?

Yes.  And kids in school will get frustrated when they're looking for similar digital originals of Van Gogh paintings, or Rembrandt portraits.

Oh well, that'll be an excellent object lesson for discussion.


Anonymous said...

i hear dat

Anonymous said...


Mike H. Miller said...

Yeah, amen!

Andrew Ryz Rydzewski said...

You've inspired me to get back on my blog.
I am posting my first new blog post in over a year because of you and your blogbrain. The world and I thank you.