Tuesday, March 8, 2011

gonna do some drawings...

here's one: used paintbrush program with the angle brush on girlfriend's laptop.  no mouse, just fingertouch pad; so would you consider it fingerpainting?  angle brush, though...  so it's kind of like calligraphy.  fingerpaint calligraphy.  yes.  and so that would be something you couldn't do very easily in real life.  well, maybe with a fingernail you could.  i'll have to try that...

next we have Rep. Peter King, who's gearing up for his Islamic Radicalization Hearings.  i added some decoration to the eyes area and also did a li'l skin-flap flip'o'the cheek for added emphasis.  also added eyelines in addition.  thanks to newscom, S.J. Ferrell.

here's a fun li'l guy.  i call him the snow ranger.  follow the rules!  made it with the 'spraypaint' tool.  started with a 5X7 size--a good size for mantlepiece.  nice colors, for winter and spring.

observe 'coinage4':
paintbrush circles tool and paint bucket wash. is it flat like a coin?  or do you see it with depth, like glassware?

now, this has been fun...

My final entry: gastro pyramids, which playfully handles themes of pyramids and abdominals.  does 'x' really mark the spot?  pencil tool, line tool, and paint bucket.

see you next time %)


Anonymous said...

paper is obsolete!

word verification: denst (in red)

Tedd said...

An old professor of mine. Got bumped up to the big leagues after leaving SUNY Cortland. Now he has TA's, and can spend his time blogging. One of the last things he said to me was, "You smell like a bar."

Great Guy. I especially like the last paragraph, makes some valid points.