Thursday, August 18, 2011

blogger's new text predictor test alpha zero zone

"Google Scribe" text prediction processor procedure test indicator one:

(a scene from life)

the thing that i want to present is the way i know the glacial population of the united nations... and the thing i really wanted to say to you was that you cannot possibly know the best way known of doing the same thing as in the beginning stages you did.  i'm the one here that could still give pure product in return for the Apex.  the apotheosis of yearn.  the particular thrombosis of that yarn.  that most numbing arc.  the most impertinent questions of all are in the areas of time the questions doubt the existence of double duplicity.  you learn to wakeboard.  that is the fulminant course of action.  for the remainder term.. I...  in the year of the reign of Edward, Lord of the Miracles at Little Bedwyn, Marlborough Sounds.  Yeah.  where in the hell would he be at anyway?  like i really need his help.  predict the process patent.  go ahead.  make the tool the total transition.  transition to these questions of fact and rationale.  Make it work, barbarian.  the predictor is the best place of business at your convenience.   look to the past, your peril will not be disappointed.   look to the future.....  your term is up in kent county,  dummy text.  squash the beef industry.   tackle this challenge one heffer at a rate equal to the going concern assumption.   Make sure the device is heated.   make certain the assumptions of the previous decades are being developed. ...  are being developed by judges and bureaucrats.

I had an interesting conversation time working with this text prediction system.   now available for blogger.  at first i couldn't find its utility control balance point.   calibration zone zero energy.   but then I did.  now I am quite confidently convinced of its benefits.


The Hagfish said...

Happy Birthday, Time travel(e)r

verification word: bactakih

Mike H. Miller said...

I've seen this before...! And before...!

bactakih--alien bacta tank company operating on a tax-shelter jungle planet in the outer rim