Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just heard Russell Berman commentating on cspan's Washington Journal.  He's a reporter for The Hill.  Childhood friend of Mangs.  Kinda sounds like Mangs.  Talking on the phone.  The cspan morning moderator is highly attractive and very good at her job.  Lithely shuffling newpapers and printouts.  Mona Lisa smile.  Steady gaze.  Capitol Hill behind her.  I'm listening to Queen on Spotify.  Greatest Hits We Will Rock You Edition.  I'm seeing a lot of ads for Pearl Jam 20.  Excellent strategy.  Timely.  I wonder if Cameron Crowe is a Spotify user.  Or maybe he only listens to records.  Jimmy Fallon loves him.  I should ride my bicycle.  I should get a bicycle.  Fat bottom girls do make the rockin' world go round.  We shouldn't raid the poor to pay for disaster relief.  Who is this cspan morning moderator?!

flashforward 12 hours or sooo
ooooh wow, who is this weather woman?  fucking happy hour all up in this piece.  I'm almost tempted to pour myself a little Jack Daniels drink.  Alcohol-infused drinks are back in business, they say.  That's government reform.  Apparently there was concern that the infusions would change the chemistry of the fermentation process yadda yadda and the alcohol content would change from what was officially listed or something.  Some kind of god-damn government red tape.  That's what we're talkin' about.  Well, the hipsters will get their infusions, god damn it!

ooooObama's jobs bill a hard sell from an ooold bridge in Ohioooo.  God bless that man in these unsteady times.  I think he should pay the young jobless people to go around and document the world changing.  Also to play Foldit! and other games that allow people to collaborate and solve massive societal quandaries.  And World of Warcraft.  To generate electricity somehow.  Or something.  This can't be all that hard to wrap one's brain about.  I can't imagine that it really is.  Just harder to break habits.  Harder in groups to break habits.  Like turning tides with needles from haystacks.

Naked dead girl spotted via helicopter and mosaic'ed creepily.  The weather woman is CBS 2's Jackie Johnson.  I still can't figure the cspan moderator.  I need to level up my nerd credentials for sure.


The Hagfish said...

Russel's voice was actually on C-SPAN?

Mike H. Miller said...

Yes indeed it was. It's like a regular there now.