Friday, May 4, 2012

--So tell me a little about yourself, Nathaniel.
__Okay, doc.  Should I talk about my past?  Start with my past?
--That's entirely up to you now.
__Of course.  Of course.  I guess you're looking for the broad stuff, right?  Like place of birth, parents' names, general stuff?
--Would it help you to start by telling me where you were born?
__...Yeah, I spose it would.  Midwest.  ...  Nowhere.  (laughs).  I moved all over as a kid.  Shuttled between my uncles and aunts and great-aunts and, you know, for god knows how many years.  I guess I could do the math on that...  But honestly I don't like to think about it any more than I have to.
--And why is that?
__Oh...   I've never really been much of a head at math.  That's all.  I'm actually proud to say it, too.  It's a trap, obsessing over calculations like that.
--You say a trap?
__Yes sir.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul, if you ask me.  You're robbing the moment to deface what's passed with artificial notches and gridlines.  It's a whole, huge, unnecessary bureaucracy, with its own culture, its own behavior--its own evolutionary mandate.  Doc, I would go so far as to call it self-aware.  It's as much in the mix to win it as America or al Qaeda.  Or the NFL.  At least as much, you know, if not more so.  Math.
--Ah, of course.  And so I am to understand you experience pain when you recollect those childhood memories?
__It's a pain to calculate, doc.  Only when I calculate.  I'd rather that span of time you're calling my childhood be remembered as it was, which is...  Really more a flavor of a bleakness of timespace than a calendar could do it any justice, right?
--I think I'm following that.
--Well, Nathaniel; I do think it is a very good sign to hear you acknowledging this pain.
__Sure.  Difficulty.  ...  Yeah.
--Yes indeed.  In whatever forms it may take, through whatever normalization processes your chain of consciousness will negotiate for itself...  Yes, Nathaniel.  We have made some remarkable progress today.
__You know, that's a relief to hear?
--I can imagine.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  Good luck on your voyage.
__Say what?



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