Thursday, June 21, 2012

Magic Wand Moment

"Bra, we should be more...  choosy.  with our choices."
"Sure, no...  I hear that.  But I think...  I think we could wait just a little while longer..."
"See how this pans out.  For the natives."
"Give me the wand."
"Hey, stop!  I never get to use it!"
"You just used it.  Now give it!"
"There.  I didn't mean that.  But it is what it is."
"Dude...  I'm bleeding!"
"Listen!  Let's...  We can wait for a few more minutes.  Then we have to fucking JET."
"Ow, my chin dude."
"It's fine.  Watch...  What are they doing?"
"They gotta tie off that hog, I think.  Man, you better not have messed up my teeth."


Anonymous said...


Mike H. Miller said...

Type of pic what makes the schizophrenia talk dialogue!

Libby said... away.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get me hands on that wandy, mate!