Saturday, November 10, 2012

what're my yeaaaahptions?

how long we gonna...  DO this?  i'm having a heart attack here waiting for this Benghazi thing to...

i don't know.  develop.

i ought to be talking to somebody other than myself about this...


i guess...

that's where YOU kind of fit in.
see i'm casting as wide a net as--as it were--as i can...
hopefully drag something out of the...

well, anyway...  i need a special kind of favor, and i think you've got what it takes, which is GRIT.

have you got GRIT, kid?

i thought so.

take this [SUNBURST FLAG PIN] to the Mayor.
tell him i sent you.  he will tell you its story.

then he will very likely offer you a substantial amount of money for the item.
agree to his terms.
return to me with the money.  understood?

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