Sunday, March 6, 2016

you keep livin/living poem

you keep living

no matter what the commercials are
no matter what the potatoes taste

you keep living

no matter what your belly says
no matter what your gums taste

you keep livin
you keep living

no matter how the day feels
no matter how the day goe

you keep sticking an
you keep living

just tell yourself that
when the roughin get tight

get your tail out yer ass
an don't worry bout no smell

yer alive til it finish
and you wouldn't know the difference

til your in it
and you ain't there yet

cuz you readin that
and--!!!  what...  my rib...  blood... a bullet...?!  i am shot


but you keep livin
in someone keeps livin

somebody out there
gets to probably


Libby said...

Livin--Living--Leaving Body

Mangs said...

Still living, still listening!

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Livin--Living--Leaving Body

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kimlay said...

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