Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear The Widow Miller,

This is an excerpt from an advice-seeking letter from a beautiful young fan of the Widows, miss Elora Whitener:

Dear The Widow Miller:

Help! My parents won't let me purchase Michael Mazochi's Volume 1: Until My Teeth Turn Into Sand. They say they heard a report on CNBC's morning investment show that "many of [the background vocals] possess a raw sexual potency of a unique variety--not recommended for little ones." Little ones? I'm almost 16!
My first question is: what is "raw sexual potency"?
And secondly... How can I get a signed 7-by-10 of the Widow Tedd? Medium hair-length, preferably, but fluffed out, you know, like he's been playing rock music. Thanks!


--Why thanks for the letter, "Elorable"!
First off, we've received many such inquiries about CNBC's recent morning "news" piece. Roving Gambler Records is presently reviewing its options on the matter.

Second, those are some excellent questions, Elora! Why don't we travel over to The Widow Tedd's Blog and see what he has to say?

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