Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whiskey Acoustic HANDICAP MATCH


Whiskey Acoustic Appearance a HIT with Sunset Sitters and Bystanders!

On the evening of Wednesday, February 6th, Michael Mazochi and two Widows performed a "Handicap Match" versus an unsuspecting crowd. Missing from action were the Widows Laura and Tedd, the band's thunderous backbeat. On hand were Widows Blunt and Miller, on the fiddle and throat, respectively.

1. Best Laid Plans
2. I See a Darkness
3. Georgia Line
4. To Set You Free
5. Trout Lemon
6. Heaven Come Easy

Without the aid of the Widows' Famous Beat-Beat Backyard, the testy trio of Mazochi, Miller, and Blunt needed to grab the Wednesday passed-midnight crowd--FAST! They quickly decided on a luscious vocal attack, fingerbang guitar, and hard violin cider. The combination was more than successful, and the Whiskey a-closed on a bonafide mid-week highlight.
For more details, demand more details--and STAY TUNED to any of your local Widows Affiliates for up-to-the-minute discrepancies and hard-to-find details!

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Mangs said...

A couple weeks ago we were discussing Patty Hearst, who was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, helped them rob a bank, etc. Weeellll, Mrs. Hearst won herself a top prize at the Westminster dog show this past weekend!
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