Thursday, March 27, 2008


Good afternoon!
Last night the Widows played another Hotel Cafe gig--thanks to you all who came out! This was an exciting night--we debuted two--count'em, TWO--new songs... One even that had our first three-part harmony in a live show... Right there at the end, after Mazochi blew up his guitar and his amp and had to play on the acoustic through the DI... But I thought it went great! It didn't suck!
Yes, this was a wild, warped evening occasion--first thing when Mazochi and I get to the place to unload our equipment, guess who's holding the door for me like just the sweetest, most elegant lady in the world? None other than the elegant Miss Drew Barrymore, who is just the nicest, most gracious lady in person. Also one of those individuals very capable of leaving me starstruck, which she did.
Of course, then you flash forward a couple of hours and my friends and I run into her again... And now my star-stricken-ness has been replaced by sloppy drunkenness... Probably best I blacked out most of that affair... After I told Justin Long how much I thought he added to Die Hard 4 with tears in my eyes... It couldn't conceivably have improved.
At any rate, you can flash forward to this morning, where I'm throwing up just outside a roadside horseranch, in the hills, on the way to Malibu Beach, where I stagger out onto the clean white sand and pass out while my friends are watching a seal, a dolphin, and a whale play in the surf.

We need to save this planet.


Kara said...

At the high school I've been working at I have to sort through cumulative records, which is very dull work. However, I've been trying to make it fun by looking for stories in the all the facts. Two days ago I found the high school record for Drew Barrymore's nephew. He was(is) the great grandson of the wonderful John Barrymore and part of that famous acting clan. So if I'd been at that bar I would have had something to awkwardly, creepily tell her about.

Mike Miller said...

Hehe. That would have been excellent. I imagine she wouldn't have been too creeped out, though... My professional opinions being what they may be, I judged her to be very well-adjusted for a mega-superstar.