Thursday, March 13, 2008

Secret Mountain Post, Pre-Mountain Man

Question: What kind of car does an exorcist drive?
-Looks like a... Some sort of shiny Chrysler sedan. I'm glad he agreed to help that haunted family.
Hi. I'm Mike Miller. I'm at Chuck's, the television is on, and I'm amazed by the Discovery Channel.
QUICK UPDATE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Last night we did the "table reading" of the first shoot of the Mountain Man project. It was very fun! Matt Mangs has written a great script. Table reading means we sat at a table and read the script. With acting on.
Today we prepare for shooting bright and early tomorrow morning. God, I just had to turn off the TV. Well, the sound of it. The visual was already off because I was using the computer and writing to you. More economical that way. Or eco-friendly. Something. Anyway, there was a whole bunch of girls talking about something called (and forgive the spelling, I could only hear it so I'm gonna go phonetic here) "Hoo-dia-shure," kind of like Ensure- or Pediasure-style naming conventions... "Whodyasure! The hardest working Who-do-ya' product on the market!"
And then there were these testimonials, and I couldn't see the screen or anything, but it pretty much sounded like it would sound on the radio in one of those aggressive, testimonials-driven-pseudoscience miracle-based product spots... There were these girls--all hot sounding--giving... Testimony.
Anyway, the first one, to my ear, sounded very, very sarcastic.

The rest were...

Not so convincing. It was just... What? Wh-where am I? Wh-Where am I?
We have a Buffmillox show tonight on the Ranch. Ox is here for another day or two. I have to go practice with them soon. Also have to get together with Mangs and go over costumes for the shoot. Yee-HAW! That's what Howard Dean should have said after his Iowa disappointment. Ah well. He's got some crazy power now, way as I see it. Spitzer was a superdelegate... It's really coming down to the arrangement of those delegates, way as I see it... Maybe a little more like in early TV days, when those programmers ran tallies during the successive rounds of the convention, waiting for a winner to emerge. Right? Didn't that happen? Yeah. Now we get minute-by-minute, micro-by-macro, but essentially edited programming packages, with main focuses, filling up more billable time but essentially filling the same amalgous demographic voids... Just refraction and soulless industry really pushing it and us... But essentially a lot like back then... So...

Am I trying to say... The democratic race reminds me more of back then? No, that would be wrong, right? I think so, because I think I just said media now is still essentially the same as back then, just refracted and spurred by industry spurred by the stock market boardroom carrot-lash. You ever been whipped by a carrot? Or had one whipped at you? A big one?

It HURTS! And so does the Elliot Spitzer thing. But that guy fucked with the carrot-lashers themselves--and their daddies! And their granddaddies and their granddaddies' granddaddies come to think of it... Man, his kink level must have been outrageous to risk opening up a chink in the underarmor like that... To those... People.
Yeah, no, that's I'm sure a massive oversimplification. Maybe this just occurred to me subconsciously as a way to attract random search traffickings. I'll surely metatag it now.
Mountain Man starts bright and early tomorrow morning. Loincloth. Mud. Ceremony. Sacrifice. Go big or go home.

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