Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Puritan's Progress

Yes! Mountain Man is proceeding swimmingly. We had an excellent first few days of shooting. Seems everyone is pleasantly surprised. That makes me feel very good. I was, of course, very nervous--I am the star, of course. Of course, I'm always a star--I'm talking naturally, here--but still, on a project with this kind of profile (read: HIGH)... I was nervous.
I worked with a lovely young lady named Ashlee. It helps to have a lovely, young, and gracious lady to work with in a high pressure situation. Helps push you in the direction of your A-game. That's probably why the movie Speed is so good.

"...there's six people to every marriage--precedents set by the parents, family life--where they put the dish towels, how often they take out the trash--you know, people like to think they're individuals, but there's really a lot more going on... When you live together, you really realize that every marriage actually involves six people..."

Anyway, we'll be filming again on Saturday and Sunday. Dolly shots are next, I think. A whole big long day of smooth, silky-slick dolly moves. Then a day-long timelapse of me sitting under a tree, from sunup to sundown. I hope there's pizza!


Also, the band played last night at this country-themey general-storzey type place called Hallenbeck's, I believe. Just to do their open mic there to spread the word... Had a great response. If... I think our elders have foggy impressions of what they want... From us... I'm not sure what I'm trying to say. I think our thoughts... I think grandmothers and babies all want to have sex.

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