Friday, March 14, 2008

qt--Director's Cut

Hey there. Tough day, great day!
Woke up around 7-ish...fifteen-ish... For a 6:30 call. Crisp, cold morning. The nights are still cold here on the mountain. Well, I did wake up at 5:30... Maybe 5:22 if I remember correctly... Toby was scratching on the door to be let out. Bullshit. It wasn't even light outside. I sat up to check after he continued--FOUR or FIVE more times--to scratch to be let out. Like I was going to walk him to his dog run in the final precious moments of morning darkness. Like Hell. I ended up grabbing him and wrapping him like a Miller-Toby Taco in my blanket.
Sometimes, when Mazochi's away, and I live a couple nights in his home/office with the cat... Sometimes his dwelling begins to inhabit YOU. It's got THAT much mojo. Rovin Gambla, whuh-whaaa! Woo-woo!
The first shots of Mountain Man involved me, dressed simply in a sheet wrapped about my waist and crotch--like an Indian dhoti, if you are familiar with traditional types of Indian dress--involved me running down a mountainside in cowboy boots and not a ton much else except for tons of beads and shells and such around my neck and wrists and a weaved headband... Listen to me... I'm secretly obsessed... I had tribal paint in red and brown on my face and chest and belly. I got a lot of sun... God. Too much sun. Fucking rookie. No, that's horseshit. I think I secretly wanted that too. Now my back hurts. Red. Need. Aloe.
...Involved me running down a mountainside with a hatchet and a gun, firing wildly into the air, screaming, running into and across the ice cold river, over and over, running up and over the rocks and boulders of the opposite bank, screaming and pointing a gun at two hapless hikers, injured by my poison darts. Just to start. Over and over again. It was awesome. And I, like a dumbass, got a sunburn, which is just annoying considering continuity but not probably a major concern... We had a great time. Shot lots. I'll have lots of pictures soon... Well, har, I think I'll find some of those pics on some other blogs and steal them.
Oh yeah, and then Uncle Hans stopped by with steaks and beers and then we went out to Joselito's, which is the first place I took Ox when he first moved out here,

,and to which Ox had requested we go on account of it was the last day of his visit.
We went, and we drank margaritas. I had a margarita, and then I had a margarita grande, which was the larger size, on account of I like all that extra salt that fits around the larger goblet. That's what that shit was. A GOBLET.
Then--Tedd was the DD--me, Hans, Josh, and Tedd went on a zany drive about Foothill Boulevard looking for Polaroid film. Josh actually bought the last unit of Polaroid film in Tujunga from the Rite-Aid by the Ralph's. He wanted more, but it was simply all too impossible to find. End of an era. 10 magical memories for $19.
A good day.

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