Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dinosauroid "What-If" example A

Check out this cool pic, my first in a series of such works that outline one of biology's favorite hot-button issues: if catastrophe did not befall Earth's mighty reptilian dominants, what features would an evolved, highly intelligent species exhibit? (subtext: how "human" or primate-centric are our hypotheses?)

In this case, not so much anthropomorphism--as our artist would have you know, right on the picture there. As you will see, however, some renditions skew much closer to the template provided for by... HOMO SAPIENS!

D-Bag in the Drawing Room

I'm working on a song called "The Duffel Bag Shuffle" for Mangs and his Mountain Man Production. I like it. I actually, after the first agonizing handful of hours, liked the experience of working on a song with another human. It's catchy, and it wouldn't have existed in its present form without the infinite micro and macro distortio-reconsiderations and reflecticamplifications that result from collaboration. Mr. Mangs is an outstanding collaborator with a unique skills set.
Secondly, I'm sore today from whupping so much ass at badminton yesterday and not stretching adequately. Lesson from this one, folks: STRETCH!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A... a blog war?

Newest Jones

Hellow thaire!

Oh God! I just took a sip of a long-standing Lucifer Sweetly's, which has been sitting on my desk at ex-work for months, just sitting here, short and stout and sweet and dark and brown and bubbly. Lucifer Sweetly's Cellar Door, brewed up on our very own Ranch by one of our very own, Harry Pottash. And I'm sitting here just drinking it and tasting its goodness and foam and fizz. And now the moment is fleeting, but the thick brown afterswell of sweet yeasty fullness reminds me that all of our moments fleet, and that if we allow ourselves to exist as a fleet of moments, then we can parade the corridors of its every battleship and cruiser like it was our birthday, and John F. Kennedy himSELF is the king.

Here is a picture!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A beagle just won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show in Madison Square Garden. Check out the AP feed here.

And I'd just like to say hell yeah! for "Uno," America's Next Top Dog. By all accounts, the little dog that made history won the prize with a heaping helping of good nature and spirited performance. Kind of like my band, The Widows, if you really think about it, long and hard. And so I think this is a victory for all of us, and for everybody who only got to see Seabiscuit on a tiny airplane screen with no sound, which is me.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear The Widow Miller,

This is an excerpt from an advice-seeking letter from a beautiful young fan of the Widows, miss Elora Whitener:

Dear The Widow Miller:

Help! My parents won't let me purchase Michael Mazochi's Volume 1: Until My Teeth Turn Into Sand. They say they heard a report on CNBC's morning investment show that "many of [the background vocals] possess a raw sexual potency of a unique variety--not recommended for little ones." Little ones? I'm almost 16!
My first question is: what is "raw sexual potency"?
And secondly... How can I get a signed 7-by-10 of the Widow Tedd? Medium hair-length, preferably, but fluffed out, you know, like he's been playing rock music. Thanks!


--Why thanks for the letter, "Elorable"!
First off, we've received many such inquiries about CNBC's recent morning "news" piece. Roving Gambler Records is presently reviewing its options on the matter.

Second, those are some excellent questions, Elora! Why don't we travel over to The Widow Tedd's Blog and see what he has to say?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whiskey Acoustic HANDICAP MATCH


Whiskey Acoustic Appearance a HIT with Sunset Sitters and Bystanders!

On the evening of Wednesday, February 6th, Michael Mazochi and two Widows performed a "Handicap Match" versus an unsuspecting crowd. Missing from action were the Widows Laura and Tedd, the band's thunderous backbeat. On hand were Widows Blunt and Miller, on the fiddle and throat, respectively.

1. Best Laid Plans
2. I See a Darkness
3. Georgia Line
4. To Set You Free
5. Trout Lemon
6. Heaven Come Easy

Without the aid of the Widows' Famous Beat-Beat Backyard, the testy trio of Mazochi, Miller, and Blunt needed to grab the Wednesday passed-midnight crowd--FAST! They quickly decided on a luscious vocal attack, fingerbang guitar, and hard violin cider. The combination was more than successful, and the Whiskey a-closed on a bonafide mid-week highlight.
For more details, demand more details--and STAY TUNED to any of your local Widows Affiliates for up-to-the-minute discrepancies and hard-to-find details!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blog Fire Update!

Welcome back to my BLOG!
I hope you have enjoyed this dry spell, although a chill fog persists on our foggy mountaintop. I am presently in Chatsworth, awaiting Michael Mazochi, who is picking me up to go to some kind of an acoustic performance at the Whiskey.
I am just so glad to see so many cool new blogs so cool many blogs so cool! Gotta go!