Sunday, June 15, 2008

Update Items! Rock'n'Roll! KGB Gambits! Matt Mangs! It's a Blog Bonanza!

Why, hello...?! I didn't see you there...!

Item 1: the term "Widowphiles"
- Tedd has been using this term to address those of you who follow our whimsical mass-mailers that we produce from time to time to highlight important dates and items of agenda. I like it. I would like to note as well that I am a hard-core Widowphile, and have been for some time. Also, noted author Henry James was an Anglophile, but I think, in today's day and age and faced with today's particular set of circumstances, he would be a Widowphile instead.

Item 2
: topic for discussion
- Is Karl Rove a KGB mole? Was the fall of Soviet Russia a communist gambit to counter-program or destabilize the American self-image? Who's hubris is whose?

Item 3
: fear
- I am afraid. Often, and in the face of an expanding mediasphere that offers a nearly limitless capacity to connect, subdivide, reconnoiter, synthesize, transitivize, sensitivize, and objectivize our ever-widening array of conscious and unconscious metaphor, I say FUCK YOU to those who capitalize on fear by inflating it. So right now I say FUCK Y"O"U. And fuck me. Let's figure this thing out.

Item 4: Thankyou!
- Thankyou ever-so-much to those of you who made it to Crane's Tavern last night and packed that little hallway full of love for our LOUDEST WIDOWS SHOW EVER. It was. My ears this morning were still ringing. That was awesome. I don't think we ought to be playing that loud for a multitude of different reasons, but on that night, in that scenario and in front of you I'd have to say I found the whole thing rather exhilarating. Not rather. Just straight exhilarating.

Item 5: Happy Birthday to Matt Mangs
- Today is Matthew Mangs's 25th birthday. I'm sure many of my readers know Mangs personally, but to those of you who don't, he is a staunch ally and official #1 fan of the Widows. He is also one of Hollywood's brightest film talents and is currently producing a web series called "Mountain Man" that will revolutionize the industry. What do I mean by this? Well, tell me what web series you are mad about right now. No, go ahead, just name them.
...What? I don't think I heard you say anything. Speak up.
Ah-hem! Well, right then, do you see what I mean?
Happy Birthday Mangs. You inspire all of us.

Please consider these five items carefully, choose one, then write a term paper or something. You can also comment. That's one of the fun things about blogs. Okay... Until next time, Widowphiles!