Friday, December 9, 2011

Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior.  Mass connector to the dark filaments of the allsoul.  Propels his burning neons across the furthest reaches.  Faces the known as the unknown, the unknown as ether.  To the silence he rages and broods.  To the lonely and deprived he appears in emotional hues of magenta.
He chokes off his immediate power with tightwound bands of dayglo synthetic. When he surges he warps his wrappings and the atmosphere reacts.  Then he brings lightning.  And he inflicts synesthesias of all varieties on the people who are the witnesses of his power.

When we all cower, we are made to witness the resoluteness of the single tiny flower, whose trembling dance is the breadth of the essence of transcendence.  When we acquiesce, we are rendered transitive.  Then Ultimate Warrior's likeness is mass subconsciousness attenuated.  That restless inward voice, all mic'd up and disseminated over broadcast, across airwaves, loud, in the truck cabs.  The roadways make fast friends of the glistening devastator's.  Now his influence is self-reference.  But of course it is--he is all of what we wish we'd ever wanted us to be.

Might it really be just this?  I could imagine fluctuations well within the standard deviation leading to many situations wherein it must.  If that's enough...  Imagination: ashes to ashes, rust never sleeps--Ultimate Warrior, howling, guarding the gates before the Keep of Dreams.  Above him, a swirling, winged host of unquenchable memes, armed to the teeth, each a radiant field of obscurity.  The scene is a brazen heavenly pastiche.  A 1980s folk-art wet dream, airbrushed to the flank of 1970s RV, headed down to the Salton Sea with shit-ton of speed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 11th Commandment
A fine idea to try.  America.  Walt Whitman.  Langston Hughes.  Wallace Stevens.  Joaquin Miller.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Knox Freed

Italian magistrate speaks, translator starts in, microphone starts in ringing, disrupts the work of the translator, who stops, deafness enveloping the courtroom scene like a surreal moment out of Twin Peaks.  "It's happening again..."  A momentary break in the feedback...  Guilty...  On the first charge of slander...  Three years...  The feedback takes over.  Newscasters scramble.  The closeup on Amanda jitters.  You can see her breathing fast and shallow.  Riiiiiiiiing...
Then her head collapses into her hands, sobbing.  The room reverberates--audiovisual recoil...
She is suddenly being led out rushed along a chain of functionaries of the court.  A moving line, propelling the crying girl forward in the line, toward the exit, past the flashing cameras.  The video feed shifts from camera to camera along what must be a similar parallel line, snaking its way out into the hallway, past the onlookers, through the functionaries and the photographers, all the way to the threshold of a second, smaller auxiliary hallway, bathed in florescent glow, green and narrow and receding into a catacomb of procedure.  Amanda is maneuvered through its opening and digested.
By now, the newscaster has finally figured it: not guilty of murder.  Time already served for slander.  She will be freed, presumably, when that narrow green hallway relaxes its grasp of her.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Petrarch Ponders

Living in amidst the rifts in among rafts amid the softnesses and resonances--
resins, mists, anchor draughts,
dragnets, meta-analysis...
Petrarch wonders whether anybody ever really
comprehends what he or she manifests...
Other than that, he's politically milquetoast.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shark Attacks Mosasaur!

"...There's always a bigger fish."  --Qui-Gon Jinn

Although the picture would have you imagine otherwise, the gator-looking reptile known as the mosasaur ruled the oceans of the late Cretaceous Period.  They consumed their prey like snakes, by swallowing it whole.  Hunted by surprise and acceleration over short distances, like the cheetah.  They even began to invade freshwater environments like rivers before the mass extinction.  Certain species could be well over 50 feet long.  They may have hunted certain sharks out of existence, due to the sharks' slow baby-making cycles.  Just like how humans have done today.  Mosasaur remains have been found all over the world, from the Netherlands, to Kansas, to Antarctica!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just heard Russell Berman commentating on cspan's Washington Journal.  He's a reporter for The Hill.  Childhood friend of Mangs.  Kinda sounds like Mangs.  Talking on the phone.  The cspan morning moderator is highly attractive and very good at her job.  Lithely shuffling newpapers and printouts.  Mona Lisa smile.  Steady gaze.  Capitol Hill behind her.  I'm listening to Queen on Spotify.  Greatest Hits We Will Rock You Edition.  I'm seeing a lot of ads for Pearl Jam 20.  Excellent strategy.  Timely.  I wonder if Cameron Crowe is a Spotify user.  Or maybe he only listens to records.  Jimmy Fallon loves him.  I should ride my bicycle.  I should get a bicycle.  Fat bottom girls do make the rockin' world go round.  We shouldn't raid the poor to pay for disaster relief.  Who is this cspan morning moderator?!

flashforward 12 hours or sooo
ooooh wow, who is this weather woman?  fucking happy hour all up in this piece.  I'm almost tempted to pour myself a little Jack Daniels drink.  Alcohol-infused drinks are back in business, they say.  That's government reform.  Apparently there was concern that the infusions would change the chemistry of the fermentation process yadda yadda and the alcohol content would change from what was officially listed or something.  Some kind of god-damn government red tape.  That's what we're talkin' about.  Well, the hipsters will get their infusions, god damn it!

ooooObama's jobs bill a hard sell from an ooold bridge in Ohioooo.  God bless that man in these unsteady times.  I think he should pay the young jobless people to go around and document the world changing.  Also to play Foldit! and other games that allow people to collaborate and solve massive societal quandaries.  And World of Warcraft.  To generate electricity somehow.  Or something.  This can't be all that hard to wrap one's brain about.  I can't imagine that it really is.  Just harder to break habits.  Harder in groups to break habits.  Like turning tides with needles from haystacks.

Naked dead girl spotted via helicopter and mosaic'ed creepily.  The weather woman is CBS 2's Jackie Johnson.  I still can't figure the cspan moderator.  I need to level up my nerd credentials for sure.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Working througha clot of really depthy depression here...  And manias...
I have a gremlin inside of me.  An angry, clammy gremlin.  It survives on hope and excretes a metallic lymph.  I have physically seen it a number of times.  I'm not being figurative.  The weather about this time of year in LA can bring it out.  The gremlin loves marine layer and the flirtations of autumn.  If you talk to  me you might be talking to a gremlin.  It's like a motion-capture performance where you don't know if the actor or the animation is in control.  Or maybe you don't even know which one is which.  There's a head scratcher.  You should have done that movie, Zemeckis.  Or maybe that's what was happening...  There's a head scratcher.  But you thought Mars needed moms, so...  Aw hell, I don't want to be mean.  That's not me, it's the gremlin.  I was at the Emmy pre-party the other day as a guest.  90% of the people there were so famous, it would have been a perfect time to be extra cool.  So I got a screwdriver and I had to keep two hands on it because they were shaking!  Just literally trembling.  What is that?  My answer now, after some time for reflection, is that I have been simply watching far too much TV.  The gremlin feeds on television as well.  So much hope and irony.  We egg each other on to stay up later to find weirder and weirder things on the various channels.  We don't have many channels at all, which is just fine.  Even better for the gremlin.  Sub-basic cable is like wet dog food for gremlins.  Lick-the-can good programming for nervous, clammy gremlins.  I'll often recline by the TV with a pad and pen and try to jot down some of the random effusions of this parasite mind before they lose solvency and deposit themselves as a shimmery film on my skin.  Try to extract some usefulness before then.  When the gremlin is distracted by the television I can usually skim a little off the top, if you follow me.  But I have to be clever and nonchalant about it.  It's actually very hard to be that way when what you've really got to do is to collect the little monster's farts.  That's really all you can get without attracting too much attention.  But it's usually enough when you're just talking about a pad and pen.  It's not ideal, but I call that rent, for what it's worth.  Little shit.  But thanks for the farts.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011


means BRIDGE
in indonesian.
google suggested it,
after i pushed through a
number of early suitors,
clamoring to answer my djembe query.
i kept with my earnest initial impulse.
jembat, jembata; these were nothing.    ----------- > jembatan
was the auto-assist.
image search yields
what i'm looking for,
by the looks of it...
a bunch of bridges,
mostly foreign by the looks.
i think,
"jembatan probably means
'bridge,'" i'm thinking...
i search google for google translate.
i find that.
i input "jembatan."
google translate autodetects an
indonesian word.
i hit "translate."
it "translates to english."
the result:
I was right.  It feels good to do research.

Jembatan Barelang,Batam,Indonesia

Thursday, August 25, 2011

commercial genesis

Everybody's got a--
everything's all about the--
all's you need is a
--hunting bracket... a
--a mounting.  A mounting brace.
A hunting valve.
A Certain-Lok.
A staydry, sci-fi, for-profit
Product License.
A patent pending.
A proper s-corp and a business partner.
Then you get the--
Then you get the venison jerky.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm writing here and there...
Just readying for something to break...
[wonders about his mistake]
I'm writing you,
and whadya do?
You make me late
for pottery class.
[finishing school]
Everybody know the rule:
you break a thing,
you don't get in.
You make me run,
I might go down.
It'd be a shame
and a waste...
You're costing me all of my second chances!

Monday, August 22, 2011

syrian projections

had some shabby pontifications
wordy reiterations of
restrained incantations
and incommunicado manifestations...
the affairs of syria--
the sovereign internal status,
the whole sordid intramural affair...
threat.  fact. neglect.  sovereign feeling is the primary concern.  we need not feel scared.  we need not feel any concern.  it is our own sovereign national concern, and our RIGHT--to decide our own decision; to decide for ourSELVES how WE feel.  That is the fundamental concern.  The economy?  It's good.  It's really not bad.  Internally, we've actually seen fairly modest growth.  The blockade?  It's there.  That's that.  We deal with it, it moves, we move, and, actually, the international scene is moving.  We learn lessons.  We have experiences.  But the decision is ours.  We have RELATIONSHIPS.  There are negative aspects.  But we have succeeded in isolating the good from the bad.  I don't know what is inside the mind of another.  The media?  We want them to cooperate positively with the Syrian Society.  We want them to help in the transitional phases of the Reforms we are beginning to start.

--decorative paraphrase, cspan, Syrian Prz Assad sit-down with State Media.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Simplicity Crafts

And, on another note, check out this old .mpg, taken on one of those old digital cameras in 2001.  It's a vid from the cheap seats at a Dec 01 WWF (yes, WW EFF) Raw event:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soon it will be my birthday.  A couple few minutes here and it will be the official date.
Thoughts on 28?
Hell, I don't know.  A blur.  Right?  The blog posts this year don't really tell me so much.  Or do they?
Hell, I don't know.
Let's say they might, if I try to think about it, for the sake of discussion.  So...  Well, I don't have time to go back and look right now.  Clock's ticking.
Whatsa me settling on?  29.  Twenty-nine like lilypad.  Vine-ripened.  Still on the climb.
Twenty-nine.  About time.  Time to sidle up to the production line.  Saddle the wild stallion and rise to the occasion and try to trot in a single straight line.  Deliberate and identified.

Stopper, A Good Dog

blogger's new text predictor test alpha zero zone

"Google Scribe" text prediction processor procedure test indicator one:

(a scene from life)

the thing that i want to present is the way i know the glacial population of the united nations... and the thing i really wanted to say to you was that you cannot possibly know the best way known of doing the same thing as in the beginning stages you did.  i'm the one here that could still give pure product in return for the Apex.  the apotheosis of yearn.  the particular thrombosis of that yarn.  that most numbing arc.  the most impertinent questions of all are in the areas of time the questions doubt the existence of double duplicity.  you learn to wakeboard.  that is the fulminant course of action.  for the remainder term.. I...  in the year of the reign of Edward, Lord of the Miracles at Little Bedwyn, Marlborough Sounds.  Yeah.  where in the hell would he be at anyway?  like i really need his help.  predict the process patent.  go ahead.  make the tool the total transition.  transition to these questions of fact and rationale.  Make it work, barbarian.  the predictor is the best place of business at your convenience.   look to the past, your peril will not be disappointed.   look to the future.....  your term is up in kent county,  dummy text.  squash the beef industry.   tackle this challenge one heffer at a rate equal to the going concern assumption.   Make sure the device is heated.   make certain the assumptions of the previous decades are being developed. ...  are being developed by judges and bureaucrats.

I had an interesting conversation time working with this text prediction system.   now available for blogger.  at first i couldn't find its utility control balance point.   calibration zone zero energy.   but then I did.  now I am quite confidently convinced of its benefits.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Manny Farber Talk and Link and First Use on the Internet of the Word 'Unparaphrasabilities' - Robert Polito and Patricia Patterson: [Manny] Farber on Film - UCTV - University of California Television
Termite art.
White elephant art.
"Digressions from a nonexistent center."  Unparaphrasabilities.  Great program!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011


Monday, July 11, 2011

been watchin uctv on extra-basic cable.  lots of lectures, lots of topics, lots of panels, lots of venues, lots of visual aids, interviews...  even concert performances.  it's like a 24/7 home symposium.  a never-ending pop academic conference.  every now and then a one-minute segment for the recitation of a short poem from a lectern at lunch.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

trying to spell Upstate New York accent, variations

wull hell, whudyanooh...  huhh, i guess it don't need one yafterall.  so...  uy guess i'll check you throwgh on thiat...  and...  thyat'll bring ya toooo...

wool thyiatsuh smuart muove

muyckle mihler

Whuht in sam hillerya dohin?

Ah, youh criack me uhp sumtimes...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

National Radiation Map

From Radiation Network.  Map refreshes minute-by-minute.

Gaussian Copula

Check out Bionic Turtle, and "Excel Your Risk & Finance Career"!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Blogger Blogspost Web Host TV Week

Check out my Guest Blogger Blogpost Web Host TV Week over at cccinemaclub, our cinema club blog for dorks.  I'm putting up a few posts throughout the week that will include video.  Everyone should be making videos--the technology is at the fingertips.  Key tip: don't forget sound--it is the bridge to the subconscious!

Monday, April 4, 2011


videos like woven blankets,
video games like toys;
noises like mold-injected plastics--like trinkets,
there's pink ones 4 girlz
and ninja 1z for boys

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"units of revelation" - love that phrase
Tough to lose a job on short notice.  Mind goes to familiar places.  Wonderful not to work, terrible to be unemployed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great to snare a job for the moment.  Mind goes to familiar places.  A job is a drug like any other, that's for sure.
Back in a poverty cycle.  Mind goes to familiar places.

Friday, March 18, 2011

nonentities entertain such things nonsense nonentities entertain;
noiseless voices known only under oceans
say arrows in narrows harrow even the pharaohs
...and oysters and emeralds sufficient as frontispieces

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

quick bolt

So I've got the TV on mute in the background as I'm working over some music on the computer...  I've got it set up so that when I mute it, the closed-captioning starts in.  Anyway, this is the scenario in which I suddenly realize, you know what?  They don't closed-caption the phone sex commercials.  Bolt of truth.  Makes total sense.  You could just take that and bottle it.

Now here are some pictures of volcano lightning:

via Carlos Gutierrez/UPI and

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

gonna do some drawings...

here's one: used paintbrush program with the angle brush on girlfriend's laptop.  no mouse, just fingertouch pad; so would you consider it fingerpainting?  angle brush, though...  so it's kind of like calligraphy.  fingerpaint calligraphy.  yes.  and so that would be something you couldn't do very easily in real life.  well, maybe with a fingernail you could.  i'll have to try that...

next we have Rep. Peter King, who's gearing up for his Islamic Radicalization Hearings.  i added some decoration to the eyes area and also did a li'l skin-flap flip'o'the cheek for added emphasis.  also added eyelines in addition.  thanks to newscom, S.J. Ferrell.

here's a fun li'l guy.  i call him the snow ranger.  follow the rules!  made it with the 'spraypaint' tool.  started with a 5X7 size--a good size for mantlepiece.  nice colors, for winter and spring.

observe 'coinage4':
paintbrush circles tool and paint bucket wash. is it flat like a coin?  or do you see it with depth, like glassware?

now, this has been fun...

My final entry: gastro pyramids, which playfully handles themes of pyramids and abdominals.  does 'x' really mark the spot?  pencil tool, line tool, and paint bucket.

see you next time %)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

exploring newt

"Newt Explore 2012" homepage background image
Actual Screen Capture
Judge Dredd
Hollywood's Judge Dredd, 1995
1995's Newt Gingrich, "Republican Revolution"
Interpretive Scraping