Friday, August 26, 2011


means BRIDGE
in indonesian.
google suggested it,
after i pushed through a
number of early suitors,
clamoring to answer my djembe query.
i kept with my earnest initial impulse.
jembat, jembata; these were nothing.    ----------- > jembatan
was the auto-assist.
image search yields
what i'm looking for,
by the looks of it...
a bunch of bridges,
mostly foreign by the looks.
i think,
"jembatan probably means
'bridge,'" i'm thinking...
i search google for google translate.
i find that.
i input "jembatan."
google translate autodetects an
indonesian word.
i hit "translate."
it "translates to english."
the result:
I was right.  It feels good to do research.

Jembatan Barelang,Batam,Indonesia

Thursday, August 25, 2011

commercial genesis

Everybody's got a--
everything's all about the--
all's you need is a
--hunting bracket... a
--a mounting.  A mounting brace.
A hunting valve.
A Certain-Lok.
A staydry, sci-fi, for-profit
Product License.
A patent pending.
A proper s-corp and a business partner.
Then you get the--
Then you get the venison jerky.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm writing here and there...
Just readying for something to break...
[wonders about his mistake]
I'm writing you,
and whadya do?
You make me late
for pottery class.
[finishing school]
Everybody know the rule:
you break a thing,
you don't get in.
You make me run,
I might go down.
It'd be a shame
and a waste...
You're costing me all of my second chances!

Monday, August 22, 2011

syrian projections

had some shabby pontifications
wordy reiterations of
restrained incantations
and incommunicado manifestations...
the affairs of syria--
the sovereign internal status,
the whole sordid intramural affair...
threat.  fact. neglect.  sovereign feeling is the primary concern.  we need not feel scared.  we need not feel any concern.  it is our own sovereign national concern, and our RIGHT--to decide our own decision; to decide for ourSELVES how WE feel.  That is the fundamental concern.  The economy?  It's good.  It's really not bad.  Internally, we've actually seen fairly modest growth.  The blockade?  It's there.  That's that.  We deal with it, it moves, we move, and, actually, the international scene is moving.  We learn lessons.  We have experiences.  But the decision is ours.  We have RELATIONSHIPS.  There are negative aspects.  But we have succeeded in isolating the good from the bad.  I don't know what is inside the mind of another.  The media?  We want them to cooperate positively with the Syrian Society.  We want them to help in the transitional phases of the Reforms we are beginning to start.

--decorative paraphrase, cspan, Syrian Prz Assad sit-down with State Media.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Simplicity Crafts

And, on another note, check out this old .mpg, taken on one of those old digital cameras in 2001.  It's a vid from the cheap seats at a Dec 01 WWF (yes, WW EFF) Raw event:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soon it will be my birthday.  A couple few minutes here and it will be the official date.
Thoughts on 28?
Hell, I don't know.  A blur.  Right?  The blog posts this year don't really tell me so much.  Or do they?
Hell, I don't know.
Let's say they might, if I try to think about it, for the sake of discussion.  So...  Well, I don't have time to go back and look right now.  Clock's ticking.
Whatsa me settling on?  29.  Twenty-nine like lilypad.  Vine-ripened.  Still on the climb.
Twenty-nine.  About time.  Time to sidle up to the production line.  Saddle the wild stallion and rise to the occasion and try to trot in a single straight line.  Deliberate and identified.

Stopper, A Good Dog

blogger's new text predictor test alpha zero zone

"Google Scribe" text prediction processor procedure test indicator one:

(a scene from life)

the thing that i want to present is the way i know the glacial population of the united nations... and the thing i really wanted to say to you was that you cannot possibly know the best way known of doing the same thing as in the beginning stages you did.  i'm the one here that could still give pure product in return for the Apex.  the apotheosis of yearn.  the particular thrombosis of that yarn.  that most numbing arc.  the most impertinent questions of all are in the areas of time the questions doubt the existence of double duplicity.  you learn to wakeboard.  that is the fulminant course of action.  for the remainder term.. I...  in the year of the reign of Edward, Lord of the Miracles at Little Bedwyn, Marlborough Sounds.  Yeah.  where in the hell would he be at anyway?  like i really need his help.  predict the process patent.  go ahead.  make the tool the total transition.  transition to these questions of fact and rationale.  Make it work, barbarian.  the predictor is the best place of business at your convenience.   look to the past, your peril will not be disappointed.   look to the future.....  your term is up in kent county,  dummy text.  squash the beef industry.   tackle this challenge one heffer at a rate equal to the going concern assumption.   Make sure the device is heated.   make certain the assumptions of the previous decades are being developed. ...  are being developed by judges and bureaucrats.

I had an interesting conversation time working with this text prediction system.   now available for blogger.  at first i couldn't find its utility control balance point.   calibration zone zero energy.   but then I did.  now I am quite confidently convinced of its benefits.