Sunday, March 6, 2016

you keep livin/living poem

you keep living

no matter what the commercials are
no matter what the potatoes taste

you keep living

no matter what your belly says
no matter what your gums taste

you keep livin
you keep living

no matter how the day feels
no matter how the day goe

you keep sticking an
you keep living

just tell yourself that
when the roughin get tight

get your tail out yer ass
an don't worry bout no smell

yer alive til it finish
and you wouldn't know the difference

til your in it
and you ain't there yet

cuz you readin that
and--!!!  what...  my rib...  blood... a bullet...?!  i am shot


but you keep livin
in someone keeps livin

somebody out there
gets to probably

Thursday, March 3, 2016


my mind is going

my mind is going

I'm so turned on.  I've been watching everything.  I visualize the industrial thoughtscape.  The more things change...  What would I have me add?  I have been hearing voices drowning voices into infinite feedback for...  Forever.  Since I can't remember.

But all of me is abuzz now, like the olympics.  My belly is just swallowing adrenaline, attempting to channel calm unknowing at the certainty of a deluge.  Chunky fibrous tendrils of meaning tighten along memories from 1995, 97...  86...  96...  98...  92, 88, all of 'em...  The supernatural time-shifting of youth--the uneven unspooling of thought and experience, grasp and abandon.

Gadd, I got so much to do.  And all the reasons, and no reason at all.  And finally, finally, my belly is beginning to make up my mind.  And that's what it comes down to.  All fuckall, fuck all yall yo.  I have been sufficiently unschooled.  Had to do it myself, and now I'm glad for it.

That being said, what's the deal with those Viagra commercials, right?  Who needs Viagra, just play the commercials!  Hot damn!  I'm watching the nightly news here!  My lord!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

WWE "Beast in the East" Reflections

The Beast in the East Poster.jpg
"The Beast in the East Poster" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

I watched WWE's Beast in the East program this past weekend and I liked it.  It was simulcast with Japan's J Sports network.  For this reason the look and feel of the live-TV production was different, a little less polished, a bit more like the WWF of yesteryear.  There wasn't any mid-match instant replay--only at the ends of matches did you get a sampling of highlights.  The camera angles and shot selection regime were different--from the very beginning, when Chris Jericho's light-up jacket blinked on in the darkness and the camera focus affected a subtle effort to find depth, a la the sleeper awoken in the night to the sight of the battery light on the smoke detector--I knew I was in for something different.  My brain immediately registered this as cool--like I'd caught a glimpse of an alternate reality.  The quick lead up to the event and late onset of promotional effort lent even more to the mystique.

When I looked it up on Wikipedia, one source explained that Brock Lesnar requested to do the show because he planned a visit to an ailing Masanori Saito, famous pro wrestler and suplex master (he of the Saito suplex).  So now my head is filled with notions of Brock Lesnar gaining precious suplex wisdom from Masa Saito's bedside, which is a touching scene until you contemplate the absolute and utter DOMINATION that will be the inevitable result of The Beast Incarnate sharpening his already superior blade...!

Monday, March 10, 2014

SOuND DEMO #22: Shark v. Squid

SOUND DEMO #22: Shark v. Squid from Mike H. Miller on Vimeo.

Editing and sound design exercise for educational purposes.  Video from The Incredible Petrified World, released 1960, directed by Jerry Warren.  An odd, off-kilter indie b-movie from another time, I was attracted to the drawn-out opening sequence, featuring many, many minutes of undersea b-roll.  This included the protracted shark-attacking-squid sequence, which is significantly tightened in my cut, if you can believe that.  I wanted it to flow, which I knew would be helped by the sound, understanding that the sound would be determined to no small degree by the cut.  In other words, one of them Lady and the Tramp jobbies, with the noodle sucked from two sides ending in a kiss.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013