Thursday, March 3, 2016


my mind is going

my mind is going

I'm so turned on.  I've been watching everything.  I visualize the industrial thoughtscape.  The more things change...  What would I have me add?  I have been hearing voices drowning voices into infinite feedback for...  Forever.  Since I can't remember.

But all of me is abuzz now, like the olympics.  My belly is just swallowing adrenaline, attempting to channel calm unknowing at the certainty of a deluge.  Chunky fibrous tendrils of meaning tighten along memories from 1995, 97...  86...  96...  98...  92, 88, all of 'em...  The supernatural time-shifting of youth--the uneven unspooling of thought and experience, grasp and abandon.

Gadd, I got so much to do.  And all the reasons, and no reason at all.  And finally, finally, my belly is beginning to make up my mind.  And that's what it comes down to.  All fuckall, fuck all yall yo.  I have been sufficiently unschooled.  Had to do it myself, and now I'm glad for it.

That being said, what's the deal with those Viagra commercials, right?  Who needs Viagra, just play the commercials!  Hot damn!  I'm watching the nightly news here!  My lord!


ken said...

you the man. when the book come out??

harada57 said...
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