Thursday, June 21, 2012

Magic Wand Moment

"Bra, we should be more...  choosy.  with our choices."
"Sure, no...  I hear that.  But I think...  I think we could wait just a little while longer..."
"See how this pans out.  For the natives."
"Give me the wand."
"Hey, stop!  I never get to use it!"
"You just used it.  Now give it!"
"There.  I didn't mean that.  But it is what it is."
"Dude...  I'm bleeding!"
"Listen!  Let's...  We can wait for a few more minutes.  Then we have to fucking JET."
"Ow, my chin dude."
"It's fine.  Watch...  What are they doing?"
"They gotta tie off that hog, I think.  Man, you better not have messed up my teeth."