Monday, March 10, 2014

SOuND DEMO #22: Shark v. Squid

SOUND DEMO #22: Shark v. Squid from Mike H. Miller on Vimeo.

Editing and sound design exercise for educational purposes.  Video from The Incredible Petrified World, released 1960, directed by Jerry Warren.  An odd, off-kilter indie b-movie from another time, I was attracted to the drawn-out opening sequence, featuring many, many minutes of undersea b-roll.  This included the protracted shark-attacking-squid sequence, which is significantly tightened in my cut, if you can believe that.  I wanted it to flow, which I knew would be helped by the sound, understanding that the sound would be determined to no small degree by the cut.  In other words, one of them Lady and the Tramp jobbies, with the noodle sucked from two sides ending in a kiss.

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